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proof is in the art

Community Art

can community art help
your town or business?

Murals have the opportunity to tell the community's story, create a unique experience, engage citizens, increase foot traffic and tourism, increase appreciation for the arts and artists, and increase overall attractiveness of the space.

Community Art

The Bowery

Old Bowery.jpg

Now known as The Bowery, this block has gained popularity in part due to some simple but nice Street Art.


Community Art

Z's Main St Treats & Sweets

Old Main Eats Treats.jpg

Hard to imagine what it use to look like. A freshly painted building with the addition of a community promoting mural has definitely improved the surroundings 1/2 block off the main intersection in town.

Community Art

Azalea House

Old Azalea House.jpg

From mundane to Bright and Cheery!  No doubt the building owners want to promote their town and business!


Community Art

A City Alley

Old Flowers on Wall.jpg

Think Simple!  A simple flower mural down the alley walls adds interest to an otherwise mundane view.  What impression of the area would it give you?

Community Art

sinclair market

Old Sinclair Market.jpg

An old gas station at the towns main intersection has been totally redone with the inclusion of an old favorite on the side wall.


Community Art

butterflies on a wall

Old Butterflies.jpg

Sometimes all it takes is a simple idea to make an area feel safer and prosperous. 

Community Art


Old Mineola Main Wall.png

In Mineola you can't help but notice this block long mural promoting what? Mineola!  A favorite place for visitors to grab a selfie while shopping the downtown district>


Community Art

The line

Old The Line.png

Know as The Line, this mural promotes the cities train heritage as well as the restaurant it's named after. 

Community Art

karen's korner

Old Karens Korner.png

A nice way to boost the appearance of an otherwise boring wall along one of the main streets in town. Not only does it display city history it promotes business in the shopping district.

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