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Iron Horse Festival - Mural

A special moment was the existence of the mural itself. Wendy Kirk had the unique opportunity as the long-term HS art class substitute to ask her students to draw up concept art for our Iron Horse mural. We didn't know at the time we picked it, but the student whose design was chosen is on the autism spectrum. Then, completely unplanned, that same student and a few of his classmates were at the festival and got to help paint the actual mural. Now, that same art class has taken the mural back to their classroom to finish it during class time. I couldn't have scripted a more perfect example of the community integration we strive for if I tried.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of writing a novel about how great the festival was, below is a photo gallery Ken Kirk and other coalition members took for us. (Narrative provided by Nathan Witt, Executive Director of Flint & Steel Coalition)

UPDATE Feb, 2023: The Train Mural shown below will be part of the City of MIneola's 150th Anniversary kick off! Congratulations to all the Mineola High School kids who participated in creating it!


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