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Luis Valle

 Luis Valle aka El Chan Guri, is a Nicaraguan artist born April 16, 1977 in Managua, Nicaragua.  Luis grew up in Miami, Fl where he excelled in the arts from an early age.  During his teen years he hit the streets late night while on graffiti runs.  His love for showing his art is public began here. Valle received his formal training from Florida State University in Tallahassee,

Florida where he graduated with a BFA in Visual Arts. He later went on to receive a Masters in Arts Degree from New York University.

Currently Luis is very active creating commissioned murals as well as paintings for public art projects, corporate clients, yachts, hotels, cruise ships, malls, businesses, private homes and neighborhoods.  His work can be seen throughout South Florida.  He is an internationally recognized artist with murals in China, India. Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba and throughout the United States.

  His style can be easily recognized, as it is a blend of influences from indigenous cultures, psychology, shamanism, religion, spirituality, frequency, vibration and energy.

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