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Mineola, Texas

Mineola is a city in the U.S. state of Texas located in Wood County. It lies 80 miles east of Dallas at the junction of U.S. highways 69 and 80. The population was 4,823 at the 2020 census. Mineola was incorporated when the railroads arrived in 1873 and the railroad is still celebrated as a big part of Mineola's history!

Wood County Unity Mural

Painted in June 2022 with the help of renowned muralist Luis Valle, the mural took 5 days with the help of over 100 volunteers in 100 plus degree weather.  The mural was a project of the Wood County Muralist Guild and Flint & Steel Coalition, a local non-profit.

The Smoke Shop Mural

The newest Mineola contribution to Wood County Walls is complete. Thank you Luis Valle! Go check it out and take your camera. Don't forget to see how the whole bull, not just the eyes, tracks you as you walk from one side to the other.

Muralist Luis Valle

The Works Salon and Coffee

Artist - Claudio Piscasso


314 E. Broad , Mineola, TX

MPrints-Printing Inc.

Painted in May 2023 by respected muralist Luis Valle. The  block long paintings on the MPrints building in downtown Mineola. This amazing artist out of Miami is the same one lead the painting of the Unity Mural in Mineola last summer.

MPrints-Printing Inc.
125 N Johnsson 
Mineola, TX