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Erica Fry

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I’m a local Wood County artist, native of Mineola and a 96’ Graduate.  Having been able to work throughout the county and my hometown one can see my murals at several businesses including East Texas Burger, La Waffalatta as well as Churches, Libraries, Schools, homes and daycares.  I have also been able to work in Denver Colorado.  Some of this work was downtown on the 16th street mall and some was actually on Santa Fe Street’s  art walk displayed in two different galleries.  Arkansas also

has several of my murals.   A highlight of my life was making a trip to New York City, which was most inspirational.

 I love the unknown of my work and that’s what excites me about it.  Creating something new and seeing people interact, engage, and walk away perhaps happier, or enlightened, is most rewarding.  Art has always seemed to come natural to me and it has kept me focused while it is yet ever changing.  I have made many mistakes along the way in the creative process.  Many of my mistakes have actually been tools that have been instrumental in creating some of my best work.   I guess to say it another way, “I have let mistakes be some of my best teachers”.

 I'm thankful for those that have supported me by hiring me to paint, draw or have purchased my work. I’m also appreciative to the friends, family, and mentors that have inspired me to pursue thus far. I've always had a heART for the creative process…  It was a dream come true to be able to travel and explore the NYC art scene.  My experience in NYC certainly gave me sparks of inspiration.  My work, my thoughts and what lies beneath the surface is like an iceberg, an iceberg of creative potential... it is exciting to see what’s next!!!  And for any inspiring artist the Metropolitan Art Museum (the MET) is a must see if you ever travel to NYC.

I’ve traveled much of the world and have enjoyed seeing many other murals and the two that I have liked the most are, one by Israel artist Daniel Cariola  “The Encounter” and the other is called “The Resurrection” by Ron DiCianni, at Dallas’s Biblical Art Museum.

Currently I am working on what I have seen in my future for a long time… to spend a few years creating my masterpiece.  I got most excited when I learned of the Wood County Walls initiative, for if it all goes well my studio will be on the map!  At my studio, I will be painting a 100 foot long mural, depicting Life. I want to make a connection between Michelangelo’s 16th Chapel and MC Echer’s work.  …. I am excited.  This mural will be ever changing...

And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it. Ps 90:17 

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