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Anthony Garcia SR. has literally made his mark upon the urban infrastructure of Denver. A prolific muralist, his artwork can be seen on, in, and around various buildings, bridges, and walls throughout the city.

Anthony Garcia

Garcia has metaphorically made his mark on the city’s art scene as well. He is a former RedLine Contemporary Art Center resident, the 2022 Bonfils Stanton Fellow, and co-founder of Birdseed Collective. Recently, the Arvada Center hosted his solo exhibition Pigment, featuring a large body of his in-studio work.


His transformation into a visually ubiquitous muralist and successful fine artist began years ago in Denver’s near north neighborhood of Globeville.


“I’ve always seen myself as an artist, [but] our exposure to art in the hood was very minimal,” says Garcia from his Five Points studio.  He recalls that he “was attracted to graffiti early on [and] starting doing it to get my name out there.” But he sought to “evolve from tagging” so as to work on bigger walls and expand his aesthetic horizons.

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